Terms And Conditions



Our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

We have set out some basic terms and conditions in order to clarify the association between the patient, the individual practitioner and Mobile-Acupuncture.co.uk as a trading company.

Fees for individual sessions are payable as soon as the session ends.
Fees can be paid by cash, cheque,and PayPal. Credit card payments are to be added soon in some areas.
Special Offers where there is a discount given for a series of treatments will be discounted at the last agreed session.  In other words if you request a series of six treatments (which will normally be discounted) you have to pay full price for the first five treatments and the final treatment will have the full discount subtracted and therefore the sixth session will be free of charge.


Cancellations and re-arranging appointments
You can cancel an appointment up to 24 Hours before without any charge.
Any cancellation on the day, or if the patient is not at home when the practitioner calls will incur a 50%  cost of the fee.
If you have booked a series of sessions and have paid in advance but don’t wish to complete the course you will be credited on a pro rata basis on the total amount. If for example you book five sessions and after three  sessions  you decide you no longer need treatment will be entitled to 2/5th of the total amount you paid in advance as a refund.


Treating Environment and Practitioners safety
The practitioner reserves the right to refuse attending any premises they feel is inappropriate.
The practitioner reserves the right to refuse treating any individual. They do not have to give a reason.
In both situations any fees paid in advance for outstanding treatments will be refunded in full.

Privacy Policy
As healthcare practitioners we are governed by a code of practice and ethics which protects the patients confidentially and anonymity.  In circumstance where we need to contact the patients local GP we will always seek the patients permission beforehand.


Consent Form
All patients are required to sign a consent form which authorises treatment. This form can only be signed by a proxy in situations where the patient is unable due to physical disabilities. We will not under any circumstances attempt to treat a patient who cannot verbally communicate with the practitioner.

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