Moxibustion ( Moxa ) is used extensively as part of Acupuncture treatments, and only occasionally on its own. Using Moxibustion for Fertility is just one example you may already be familiar with but is it used for a wide range of conditions as we believe it benefits the blood and circulation.

Moxa is used to stimulate the Acupuncture points with warmth.

The most common technique is to place small smouldering Moxa cones (a compressed herb from the - Artims Vulraris family ) over the Acupuncture point. The cones are about 3-5 mm in size and the number of cones used on each point varies depending on its location. Other forms of Moxa can be administered by using a moxa stick which is about the size of a candle and is normally held by the practitioner, warmth is applied without touching the surface of the skin. Moxa sticks are often used when a larger area needs to be treated and for some muscular skeletal problems. There are also devices which hold the moxa in a tube which is then rolled along the surface of the skin. moxibustion


Moxa is more commonly used in the winter months when in the UK we are all exposed to the elemental forces of cold and damp conditions. Many conditions and patients also benefit from its warming effects all year round. The use of Moxa also  depends on your individual body energetics. Two people may have the same symptoms, but they could have different causes of the problem, and therefore require different approaches.

It is important that you always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine and under no circumstances attempt to apply moxa yourself. The application of Moxa is a warming therapy and your diagnosis may require the complete opposite. Applying heat in this case will only make matters worse.

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