Gua Sha


Used for pain relief from what in Chinese Medicine is often identified and translated in terms of “Wind or Cold invasion “.

The term “Gua” means to scratch or scrape and “Sha” is redness.


It seems that Gua Sha has not been embraced in the West as most other forms of Chinese Medicine, this is possibly due to the cosmetic aspect of deliberately instigating a rash on a person body!. This is true for the practitioner as well as the patient. But in China it is still a popular treatment and many Western practitioners of Chinese Medicine are now using Gua Sha as part of their own treatment plans to great effect.


As with the case of Cupping the practitioner will advise you if this is the best and most appropriate form of therapy for you as an individual. In practice we tend to administer Gua Sha as part of your main Acupuncture treatment.

In general we find Gua Sha beneficial for some types of pains in the upper back, neck, and shoulders areas. Many patients have reported excellent results from receiving a Gua Sha treatment and are more that happy to accept the temporary redness on the surface of the skin for a few days or so.

There are some demonstrations on Gua Sha available on YouTube.

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