Questions about Acupuncture

Is acupressure as effective and acupuncture

We have to be careful how we answer the question


Our recommendation is that the first choice of therapy is acupuncture, then electro acupuncture and lastly acupressure.
We find that acupuncture, where we pierce the skin has more of an effect on the meridians (Energy channels). BUT we also find variations in individuals.
Some people seem more sensitive that others, indeed some patients describe a sensation even before the needle has touched the surface of the skin. In some cases they describe sensations travelling along the meridian pathway!
There are of course Shiatsu practitioners who never pierce the skin and use their thumbs and fingers and many have excellent results. Obviously from our point of view it makes sense for you to use for one of our own Acupuncture practitioner’s as they all have a range of options and are qualified to pierce the skin.


The important aspect here is that  Acupressure and Electo- Acupuncture are  real alternatives if you are concerned about needles.

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