Questions about Acupuncture

How many treatments will i need


People ask how many Acupuncture session will I need to have.

Everyone is different and some people respond quicker than others. Our advice is to evaluate your progress  after four to six sessions. Your practitioner will monitor your response at each visit and advise accordingly but we like to see changes within this period. We would be looking for signs of improvement not only in your symptoms but in your general health and well-being. For example we want to see improvements in sleeping patterns, digestion, emotional health, mental clarity, energy and energy levels to name just a few.

Typically we like to see you weekly at the beginning of your treatment program and gradually increase the time between visits, fortnightly, monthly and then seasonally.

Many patients who turn to acupuncture have chronic long term conditions and have been taking medications for years. Although not impossible it would be unrealistic to expect total reversal of a condition in just one treatment!.

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