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Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture


Battlefield Acupuncture is practiced by many of our therapists as well as general Auricular Acupuncture. Battlefield Acupuncture is a phrase to describe a standard technique developed by the American Military in recent times using acupuncture points located in the ears, it is a treatment developed specifically to control and ease pain.

Worldwide there have been some remarkable results reported using this technique and we can also confirm that we have also seen very good results in our patients especially with shoulder, neck  and back pain.

An American Military Doctor Dr. Niemtzow pioneered the treatment from his research program which began over Ten Years  ago  back in 2001. Niemtzow studied patients suffering with both chronic and acute pain and observed the responses detected in the brain MRI scanners.  Although he trained in orthodox medicine he investigated the potential of  using  Auricular Acupuncture which back in the 1950’s a French Acupuncturist Paul Nogier had earlier researched and explored . Niemtzow identified the potential of using  Auricular Acupuncture for pain control  and further developed his own  point combinations.

Today the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol is becoming increasingly accepted and   practiced not only in the US military but by many mainstream acupuncturists who have also been trained on the technique. Most of our practitioners have been trained by Col ( Dr)  Heather Pickett  here in the UK  who herself was a former student and colleague of Dr  Niemtzow. They both teach the protocol around the world and also at various US military hospitals.
This is a treatment which is becoming very popular with both our patients and practitioners so please contact us to see if there is practitioner trained local to you and available to provide a home visit.

If you are in need of pain relief and would like the see if we can help please contact us.

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