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Does the time of day have any influence on the cupping treatment?

Acupuncture and Cupping are therapies which affect the meridian network of our bodies. This network of meridians (channels or streams of energy) has a cyclic pattern based on times of the day and seasons of the year in tune with nature itself.

All of the twelve main meridians have a two hour period when they are most active during a twenty four hour period. The same applies for a two hour period when they are least active. So the answer is that yes it can have a bearing on the treatment depending on the actual meridian treated and the individual case.

Acupuncturists will often ask a patient to see them in a particular season or on a certain date, or indeed time but this depends on the patients  individual diagnosis. There are many factors and considerations for the trained acupuncturist to consider for each case as well as alternative points to use.  There are of course practical aspects such as visiting the patient at unsocial hours which rule out such times.
In general it is only after a course of treatments where the acupuncturist may wish to consider attending at a specific time in order to take advantage of a specific two hour period.

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