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What is Five Element Acupuncture

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element is a style of Acupuncture originating in China. Most of our practitioners are in actual fact Five Element practitioners.
Five Element Acupuncture is a traditional style of acupuncture where the patient is treated in terms of their mind body and spirit  ( BMS) and not just on the physical symptoms they present. Five Element diagnosis identifies imbalances within our MBS relationship  based on what is termed the Five Elements. These Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

This may sound a little primitive but who can deny the influences of all these Elements in shaping who we all are as humans on this planet. For example was it not the combination of Fire and Water in those underground volcanoes millions of years ago where life itself originated?. Has life on the planet not been influenced by the Sun? , and are we not ourselves composed of the products of our own earth, including metals? We are all composed of the Five Elements; they influence our lives and health.

Five Element Acupuncturists understand that our lives on earth and health are influenced by cycles from both within and outside. They recognise the imbalances which everyone has ( None of us are perfect ! ) with those elements  to some degree or other.
Five Element practitioners identify Elements which are out of balance .

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