Cupping Therapy

( Cupping for Back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and detox )

Many clients are specifically enquiring about Cupping Therapy and how it can help them. Its popularity has increased since many high profile celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Gwenith Paltrow have been seen with the tell-tale circular bruises on their backs.

Cupping Therapy is generally administered as part of the integrated therapy by our Acupuncture practitioners. Cupping can be requested separately without acupuncture although our advice is to consult with the practitioner who will assess if this is the most appropriate therapy for you.cuppingCupping is broadly reserved for deep tissue and muscular massage and to assist in the removal of toxins and pathogens from the system. Many clients that previously found benefit from massage or are not quite sure about Acupuncture find Cupping alone beneficial.

Depending on your diagnosis and symptoms the cups are generally placed on your back. They are often left in a stationary position for up to fifteen minutes, and typically Ten or so cups are used in this method. Sometimes they are also moved around by the practitioner in a massaging action.


We have found Cupping beneficial in the treatment of most back, neck and shoulder pains for example sciatica. If your pain responds to warmth then moxibustion may also be used as part of the cupping treatment.

Please be advised that it is quite normal to develop temporary skin discolorations from the site of the cups.These normally last a few days.

Cupping is not a treatment suitable for everyone and there are quite few restrictions we place on its use, for example patients with cardiac issues, anyone susceptible to bleeding or elderly patients who may have thin skin. In all cases the practitioner will advise you.

We only use the suction design and do not use the Fire Cups due to health and safety reasons.


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