Auricular – Ear Acupuncture

Many of our practitioners are now recommending    Auricular or Ear Acupuncture  therapies in increasing  numbers as part of a pain control plan. Auricular Acupuncture in the past has previously  been associated more with addiction treatments such as drug abuse, smoking or over eating but now its  uses and benefits are ever increasing. Auricular

The term  “Battlefield Acupuncture” has gained  popularity  since its introduction by the United States  Military in recent years and is based on Auricular Acupuncture. Searching the internet on the topic will give you more information on its uses  including how it was used in the Haiti disaster in  the absence of western  medicines.

We use Auricular Acupuncture most often when there is a need to stimulate the point for some length of time, and this is done by inserting and leaving a special type and design of stud needle in place.  After a few days the ear studs fall out of their own accord. The studs we use that puncture the skin are  Gold  to avoid allergies.

Ear-AcupunctureWe also use  seeds which can be taped to the skin using micropore . The patients are sometimes advised to gently press on the  inserted stud to stimulate the point, for example when they have cravings in the case of addiction, or when they are experiencing pain. Seeds  can simply be removed by the patient at any time if they need to by removing  the micropore tape. We  take health and hygeine very seriously and advise patients that under no circumstances  should they attempt  to insert any form of needle, seed or otherwise into their own ears.


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