Acupuncture to Stop Smoking

This is a common request.  Our approach is to integrate the  recommended techniques  used by the National Acupuncture and Detoxification Association  ( NADA ) with  the holistic  approach of Traditional Acupuncture. The NADA protocol has been an effective treatment  for  drug addiction for many years  and is based on using Auricular Acupuncture. Small sterile studs often made of gold are inserted into the patients ear. The patient may be instructed how to  touch the studs when the withdrawal symptoms start. Cupping is another therapy we use the help with the detoxification of the toxins.

The majority of our patients  also have additional health issues directly related to their smoking addiction and they benefit from the holistic approach of acupuncture. We assess  you as a  unique  individual and don’t base your treatment plans on a simple check list or  your  symptoms alone. Your emotions for example  are just as important to us and in  Chinese medicine are not separated from the physical aspect. As with  other addiction treatments we believe  supporting the  person at an emotional level is just as important in the fight to conquer the addiction.

Many patients  report the sense of calmness and relaxation that acupuncture brings to their lives  has been a  significant factor  in helping them  cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

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