3 The Visit and Consultation


The first visit will always take longer and we allow at least one and half to two hours. Subsequent visits generally last  around one hour.

The Consultation Process
Patients are often surprised just how detailed and the depth of some of our questions. This is because Acupuncture is a holistic approach and therefore we need to take a full case history of not just your physical health but the emotional aspects of your life. We need to understand your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, stresses, hopes, fears and anxieties which affect your emotions. So as well as enquiring about   your  medications and  surgical procedures we will may  enquire  what makes you Irritated or angry for instance,  if you get tired in the afternoons, what colours you like/dislike. They are all very relevant and necessary.

We request that you try not to apply any cosmetics in particular make-up and perfume if at all possible. The practitioners like to observe your natural facial colour and skin tones , this can provide valuable diagnostic information  for  the practitioner.

Naturally as medical professionals and members of the British Acupuncture Association we are duty bound by a code of ethics and principles that  all patients information and records will be treated as strictly confidential.


As stated earlier this first session can often take upton 2 Hours in total.

Additional information