2   Before We Arrive


Pre Requirements

There are a number of important guidelines that we need to consider to safeguard  the health and safety of all concerned and also to provide the best environment for you as a patient.

We need a private room with enough space so the practitioner can assemble their treatment table and be able to move around.

The practitioner will need to be able to wash their hands in warm water, although they will also use their own cleaning and disinfecting products as part of the visit.

Our aim is to attempt to provide the same relaxing and therapeutic conditions you would experience if you were to visit a clinic so there must be no hazards   for example   unruly animals or any distractions like loud music or TV’s etc.

The cost of the treatment includes the use of disposable couch roll and pillow cases, these are all taken off site by the practitioner and you will have no waste to dispose of.

Wheel Chairs and the severely disabled
We take particular care in order to accommodate severely disabled patients and we understand that in some cases it is not practical to use our portable couches and therefore we modify our treatments accordingly.

Additional information