1)    Enquire how we can help you

Contact us

Contact us by via the web site using the forms, send us and E-mail or call the  free phone number

Over the phone discussion

We then begin the process to identify the best way that we may help you as an individual and recommend the therapies and practitioner available in your area. This discussion takes around 5 – 10 Mins and we pay for the phone call, or we will call you back. If you are still unsure and need to see the practitioner face to face before you decide then we ask them to call round  and have an informal chat with you. We will then arrange a practitioner to visit  when it is convenient for both of you.
Patients who perhaps prefer not to use the  phone can always communicate using e-mail or the web form found on the “Contact Us” menu at the top of the screen.

Arrange a treatment

We then arrange and date and time suitable for both you and the practitioner. One of the advantages of having a home visit it we are not restricted to surgery hours and many appointments are made for  early mornings, evenings and weekends. There is no extra change for none office hours. The working hours depend entirely on the practitioner but in most cases they all work very flexible hours. Generally the last appointment is 20.00 Hrs.
Arranging appointments during bank holidays is only available in some areas only and depending on the practitioner there can also be an extra cost.

Additional information