4 The Examinations

There is also a series of short physical examinations some of which you will be familiar with for example having your blood pressure taken. Others you may not be so familiar with, for example some practitioners will use an  Akabani test. This is where we test your senses on the left and right sides of the body. We also check specific acupuncture points on the body to see if there is any localised sensitivity and we also compare temperature between various zones on the body. We also look at your tongue and take your pulse.

Pulse diagnosis is very important indeed in Chinese Medicine and is taken on both the left and right hands and actually consists of twelve separate pulses, so it is  quite normal to have you pulse taken almost constantly in the treatment.pulse Diagnosis

The practitioner often on arrival  will assemble the treatment couch and carry out some hygiene procedures like using fresh couch roll and disinfecting their hands. Practitioners have all the necessary equipment to ensure that the standard of hygiene is comparable to their clinics. We take this aspect very seriously for the protection of you and our practitioners.

We will then recommend a treatment plan for you and in most cases begin the first session. In some cases where we feel that the treatment may not be accomplished in the 2 hour time slot we will suggest to start another day.

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