Male Fertility Tips

For males the emphasis needs to be about producing good quality sperm and  protecting its  environment.

Males may also need to make  some  tough decisions concerning   their  lifestyle  even if they are only temporary.

You  probably already know that tight fitting underwear  is not recommended. This make sense when you think that the sperm does not like heat. So it’s loose fitting underpants like boxer shorts underneath easy fit trousers. Other considerations are to avoid   electric blankets and instead of hot bath take a  warm shower instead.


You need to balance this aspect very  carefully. You need to exercise but also conserve your energy.
If you are obese then  you need to pay additional attention to your diet. Whatever your condition don’t exhaust yourself in vigorous  exercise. Get plenty of fresh clean air rather than work out at the gym, better still take  your partner for a nice country walk. If you afford it  Organise some  romantic weekends away in the country.
Some reports  suggest that body building and working out  also help due to increase  testosterone levels. Our advice is indeed to get into shape but internally rather than internally. Good health starts from the inside.



Plenty of natural foods,  organic if you can afford it. Remember you  are trying to  rid your body of unnatural and alien substances like  preservatives and pesticides.

Sit down and write a summary of what you eat in a typical week.  is it a healthy mix of fruit and vegetables? Cut out  processed foods,  sweets, biscuits  try walnuts and almonds if you want to snack. Use traditional cooking methods and don’t use the microwave if you can help it.

No  excuses it has to go
Coffee and especially those popular  high caffeine drinks  all need to be avoided
Drugs, of course and that includes  anabolic steroids.
Water – drink at least 2 Litres a day and use a water filter, and  cut out the sugary cola drinks
Green tea, try it its very refreshing and these days is readily available on many supermarket shelves

Sleep and rest
Don’t adopt a manic lifestyle, balance your  time allowing for  periods of rest and contemplation as well as work and play. Don’t be a workaholic your intentions may be good but they are misguided and you have to prioritise.

Are you exposed to  any hazardous chemicals at work? Be mindfully when using chemicals in the garden and around the house,

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