Female Fertility Tips

This may sound an odd question but do your really want to become pregnant?

Deep down do you as an individual want to conceive a child, or are you under pressure from your partner  or other  family pressures?. You will have to be honest with yourself. Maybe deep down you are rejecting the idea.

Are you willing to make changes to your lifestyle to conceive.?

You may have to make  some fundamental changes to your lifestyle and you must be willing to change. You may have to break some habits and there may be some tough choices to make.

Dietary Advice

Your womb  needs a be a  nice  warm nourished and inviting environment to live in for nine months

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs.  These are unnatural  toxins  cut them out
Vegetarians and Vegans, it may be hard to accept but you may have to temporary lapse and eat meat.
Cut down on your Coffee intake or even better  switch to a herbal tea
Drink plenty of water 1- 2 Litres a day
Favour warm nourishing foods like homemade soups, casseroles,  and stews and try to avoid cold  uncooked raw foods



Lifestyle - Exercise
Be disciplined and  organise a gentle  exercise plan. Try Yoga, dancing,  light aerobics or just do some daily stretching exercises.  Do not overexert yourself at all. Athletes, sorry but maybe breaking your  personal best in the  marathon should be put on hold!.

Keep warm, especially around your womb. Don’t let fashion expose you to chills.

Sleep & Relaxation
Get more sleep, especially before midnight. Less time watching TV and more time sleeping and relaxing.

Positive Mental Attitude
Stay positive, don’t get disillusioned it can take time

Don’t let ovulation kits stress you out
Don’t get obsessed with temperatures and charts etc. Your ovulation normally begins around Fourteen days after your period but that can vary. Also remember that sperm can live in your body for up to seven days so don’t make the process of conception too mechanical and complicated. It is not natural to make a baby when you are stressed out.

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