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Male Fertility Tips

For males the emphasis needs to be about producing good quality sperm and  protecting its  environment.

Males may also need to make  some  tough decisions concerning   their  lifestyle  even if they are only temporary.

You  probably already know that tight fitting underwear  is not recommended. This make sense when you think that the sperm does not like heat. So it’s loose fitting underpants like boxer shorts underneath easy fit trousers. Other considerations are to avoid   electric blankets and instead of hot bath take a  warm shower instead.

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Female Fertility Tips

This may sound an odd question but do your really want to become pregnant?

Deep down do you as an individual want to conceive a child, or are you under pressure from your partner  or other  family pressures?. You will have to be honest with yourself. Maybe deep down you are rejecting the idea.

Are you willing to make changes to your lifestyle to conceive.?

You may have to make  some fundamental changes to your lifestyle and you must be willing to change. You may have to break some habits and there may be some tough choices to make.

Dietary Advice

Your womb  needs a be a  nice  warm nourished and inviting environment to live in for nine months

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Loosing Weight tips


You have to start with honesty. You are overweight because you have eaten more calories than you have used. This has probably been the case for many many years possibly your entire lifetime. Don’t blame your metabolism or genetic disorders, or your  thyroid gland  as in reality it is  unlikely to be the cause.

Make a  diary of your intake each day, and every  time you eat make a note  rather than try to add it up in the evening. Add every single item, there are no free items only water, and that’s the  plain water from the tap and not those sugary water drinks found in the water section on supermarket shelves either. Make detailed notes, for example “ a  light  sandwich for lunch”  in not enough. Be honest “A sandwich with four slices of thick while bread with eight slices of ham and about 6 Oz of  full fat cheese with mayonnaise, with a packet of crisps and a full fat large yoghurt”. That’s probably your full complement of calories for the day if you are a female and work in an office all day!

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