Acupuncture for Weight Loss

We use Acupuncture to assist with your  weight control program in a number of ways.

Firstly there are  points located on the Ears  which are used by acupuncturists specifically for  addiction control. The word addiction may alarm you but sadly we find that most of our  overweight clients admit this is an appropriate term when they are honest with themselves. Most of them report that the desire to eat is often like an addiction. Treatment generally involves inserting some small  gold plated studs in your ears, sometimes taped  which remain in place for a few days or so. After a  4 – 7 days they normally fall out of their own accord. The taped ones can be removed anytime.

We are also interested in  the balance of your emotions. As famous author on acupuncture wrote :-

  “ Eating disorders may in fact be a result of an unnourished heart crying out for love “ ( Jarret 2004, p81)

Our emotions are very  powerful influences in  our  lives  and our  health in particular. They effect the way we treat others and more importantly the way be treat ourselves. Lack of Will  power, a sense of guilt,  low self esteem, and anger  to name just a few  can all be very  destructive forces within us. Clients often report they are slaves to their emotions, they tend to  over eat when they  are sad or feel depressed, or when they are  upset and angry. But  typically they  also suggest they can also over eat  when they are happy like celebrating etc. Others say it is more of a  lack of self control, they know its no good for them and they are aware they will regret it but its seams they have little will  power to stop themselves.

Acupuncture is all about maintaining the natural  balance and harmony of the body and its emotions. In Chinese medicine the major organs of the body are linked to our emotions, for example the stomach is linked to worry and pensiveness. An imbalance in this area for example would tend to manifest as someone who continually worries like an overprotective mother,  they may  churn thoughts and ideas  over and over in their mind. The liver for example is related to the emotion of anger, the kidneys the emotion of fear etc etc.

Acupuncture therapy is all about identifying and correcting patterns of disharmony.  Many patients who experience  acupuncture treatment for weight loss  are pleasantly  surprised with the results and  the  number of positive influences in numerous  aspects of their lives.

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