Traditional Acupuncturists diagnose the causes of disease using methods which have developed over  thousands of years. The root  causes of headaches and migraines  are expressed using unfamiliar terminology to most westerners but the cause  can be just as  complex as the Western Medical view. Despite the differences the   intention is the same for both and that is to   help the patient the best way they can. Accord to  figures published back in 2001 “In England, 21.4 percent of
physicians perform acupuncture or refer patients for acupuncture”  (Thomas KJ, Nicholl JP, Fall M. Access to complementary medicine via general practice. Br J Gen Pract.



If you have a history of headaches and migraines and you have already been  clinically diagnosed then why not  arrange  a visit from one of our qualified  practitioners to call on you at home.

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