Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Control

Acupuncture is commonly used for a wide range of pain control  including  Muscular Skeletal conditions such as Back, neck, shoulders, knees, sciatica, arthritis, and well as migraines, period pains and IBS to name a few.

Acupuncture is said to help with  pain control by  providing  pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving muscle stiffness and improving joint mobility. These are some of the benefits listed on the  British Acupuncture Council web site where they also provide links and references to the research papers for you to examine. You can download their document for free and they also  explain the logic and clinical reasoning into how Acupuncture is said to work in  familiar western medical language.

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Do you suffer with a painful back? Well you are not alone,  surveys in the UK suggest somewhere in the region of  20 % of the population are effected at any one time and that a staggering  80% at  some point in our  lifetime. Treating pain with acupuncture is all about  treating the original cause of the pain and not just its symptoms.Acupuncture-pain

Most of our enquiries are from people who have suffered pain for months if not years, they have a chronic condition. Constant pain can  make our lives miserable and at worst destroy them. The connection between pain and our  mental and emotional health is well known and it is difficult to break the circle but we believe  the holistic approach Acupuncture  takes is best  placed to address all of the  issues.

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Acupuncture for Back, Shoulder, Neck, Sciatica and Knee Pain

People turn to  Acupuncture for various reasons and one of the commonest is to seek help with back pains.

Clinical trials have shown Acupuncture to be an  effective and safe  therapy  for  pain relief for a  wide range of muscular skeletal  disorders. The trials have included most of the common complaints of neck and shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain, hip and knee joint to name a few. A list can be found on the World Health Organisations web site and the link found in the links section of this site.

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Headaches and Migraines

Acupuncture has been shown to decrease the  strength and frequency  of Migraine  headaches in clinical trials. A review carried out in 2009 (Cochrane review of acupuncture and prophylaxis for migraine headaches ) investigated over 22 randomised control trials and stated that


“Acupuncture reduces the frequency of migraine headaches when used as an adjunct to, or in place of, medical Management.”

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Period Pains - Dysmenorrhoea

For many women the familiar abdominal cramping, and a pain which  often radiates  to the  lower back and legs has become a regular routine to be endured. There are  often  additional complications such as  severe  mood swings, stress and exhaustion  which in turn  effect their  relationships,  family, and careers.

Acupuncture can and often does  offer a solution to these issues.

There have been numerous clinic trails carried out in the UK and Europe which report some very favourable results in this field. There are of course many more trials which have been conducted in China and the Far East but remain un-translated  into English.


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