Acupuncture for Male Fertility

Mobile Acupuncture delivers  a  system of  medicine to your door which is based on   2000 years of history and development,  and we believe  is just as   appropriate  in solving male infertility  issues  in today’s  modern  world as ever.

For quite some time now  research evidence has indicated  that  in many developed countries male infertility is increasing . Figures now suggest that the balance is changing  and that infertility may be becoming more of a man’s problem  than a woman’s problem,  with toxins and the environment playing and increasing role in the decline of the male sperm count.

These are all areas where our therapies can assist. Where appropriate we often use  detoxification techniques such  as  Cupping and Gua Sha  for male infertility alongside traditional  Acupuncture and Moxibustion to stimulate the natural balance of energy  and blood flow in vital areas. As a holistic therapy Acupuncture treats the whole body and has a widespread benefits including evidence to support its success in lowering stress levels and anxiety as well as  helping with sleeping issues,  which can all make our lives  miserable at the best of times.

The success of using Acupuncture as a treatment to improve sperm count  is  attracting more western medical research when  previously studies were  concentrated more on female infertility and IVF. Results  so farhave been overwhelmingly positive and more trails are underway.
Everyone does agree that diet and lifestyle are one of  biggest contributors to male infertility and particularly  smoking and alcohol. You will need to work with us on your  lifestyle and diet. A very  important part of our first visit is to  take a detailed account of your medical history, diet and lifestyle. You need to be just as serious and committed as your partner, we all want  success.


Everyone is unique and so are their circumstances so we cannot give an exact timeframe or make any guarantees on the outcome. What we can say is that if you are a heavy smoker and drinker it will take longer.

Depending on your location we can also  arrange for male practitioners to visit if you prefer. Some  men find it easier to discuss their individual issues and concerns with other males. All of our practitioners are professional acupuncturists and members of the British Acupuncture Society and you  can be assured that the practitioner to  patient confidentiality is maintained.

Take a look at the free advice in our Tips and advice section then browse around  the site where you will see information on what to expect from mobile-acupuncture.

Contact us and we can arrange visit, or justto talk over the options we can offer you.

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