Mobile – Acupuncture aims to bring you  Acupuncture and associated therapies direct to you, in the  comfort of your own home.

People choose acupuncture for a variety of reasons and a variety of conditions. In the East they have been using Acupuncture for thousands of years and today in  mainland China Acupuncture is used  in harmony along side our   Western Medicine.

Maybe you or someone you know has  benefitted  from Acupuncture or are just curious and you want to find out more.  Its also a fact that many people are just desperate for help and turn to Acupuncture as a  last resort. That’s fine  with us, we understand no apologies are necessary.

Most people probably know that it involves the use of needles. What many people don’t realise is that the size of the actual needles are only  about the thickness of a human hair, and are a million miles away from the  nasty hypodermic syringes one associates with school inoculations and such like!

Also the  techniques we use are based on a very gentle style of insertion and removal. This is not the same  style often reported to us by patients who unfortunately visit none members of the British Acupuncture Society who often practice at busy indoor market halls and such like.

Please browse and look at this site where you will find more information about what to expect, and what conditions we can help you with. There is also a  Frequently Asked Questions section and how to contact us to discuss your needs.


We are here to help you so please don’t be afraid to contact us for more information.

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